Staff Education & Development Scholarship Guidelines

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To provide financial assistance to staff seeking to continue their education and develop skills for professional development.


MSU Staff Council will award up to five Staff Education and Development Scholarships, each academic year. Priority will be given to staff members with financial need.


  1. The staff member must be a benefits eligible employee of Mississippi State University.
  2. The staff member must be enrolled at MSU or in a certification program required for promotion in your current position of employment at MSU. This award may not be applied to enrichment classes at MSU.
  3. Priority will be given to staff members with an annual salary of $35,000 or less. Scholarships for staff with an annual salary above $35,000 will be awarded if additional funds are available.
  4. For any semester in which a scholarship is awarded, if you do not successfully complete all courses by obtaining a passing grade, you will not be considered for a future scholarship for a term of three years.
  5. The Awards and Scholarship Committee reserves the right not to grant an award.

Application Procedures

Applications should contain adequate factual or descriptive material to enable the Selection Committee to ascertain the extent to which an individual meets the awards criteria listed above. The completed application package should include:

  1. An application. First time applications will be given priority.
  2. The application must contain detailed information about courses in which you have registered. Consideration will be given to certifications, whether provided by MSU or not, that are required for promotion in your current position of employment at MSU. If the certification program is not offered by MSU, documentation of enrollment is required, along with documentation from your direct supervisor explaining how this will assist you in promotion.
  3. A short essay is required stating how this scholarship will help you achieve your educational goals.
  4. If selected, the monies will be placed in your MSU account on the 10th class day of the semester. Funds in support of non-MSU coursework or certifications will be awarded when all application criteria are met.