Staff Education & Development Scholarship Guidelines

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To provide financial assistance to staff seeking to continue their education and development skills for professional development.


MSU Staff Council will award up to ten Staff Education and Development Scholarships each semester.


  1. The staff member must be a benefits eligible employee of Mississippi State University.
  2. The staff member must be enrolled at MSU.  This award may not be applied to enrichment classes at MSU.
  3. If awarded a scholarship, you are not eligible to apply again for a term of two years.
  4. The Awards and Scholarship Committee reserves the right not to grant an award.

Application Procedures

Applications should contain adequate factual or descriptive material to enable the Selection Committee to ascertain the extent to which an individual meets the awards criteria listed above.  The completed application package should include:

  1. An application.
  2. The application must contain detailed information about courses in which you have registered.
  3. If selected, the monies will be placed in your MSU account.